Plastic Injection Moulder

Our plastic injection moulder is ideal for producing plastic parts in large volume in order to achieve economic of scale & product consistency. Our machine produces low scrap rates whereby it dramatically save your overall production cost. 

Laser Printing Machine

We are using imported isolated fiber-optical protection window to increase the operation life and stability. The beam quality is more stable & high processing speed, 3 to 10 times faster than traditional marking machines.

Applicable to all kinds of metal (including rare metal), engineering plastics, coating materials, painting and spraying materials, plastic and rubber, ceramics, pottery and so on.

Other Facilities and Equipments

Plastic Spraying Equipment

2 water curtain spray booth with 4 manual sprays
2k paint with hardener and lacquer spray
Quality Polishing Service

Ultrasonic Equipment

High degree of reliability & stability
More accurate control of pressure
Adaptive to suit the majority of customers requirements

Silkscreen Printing Equipment

Fully customized plastic silkscreen process
Steam resistant and waterproof
Clean look, without label edges
Wide range of screen printing plastic options

Product Sub Assembly Equipment

Semi-finished assembly process
We offer plastic parts & components assembly services
Assembly different raw parts to a finished item